Image use and Commercial Licensing:

In addition to the Prints and Other merchandise available via my website and elsewhere, my images can be licensed for numerous uses. The high quality and widespread appeal of my artwork can obviously add tremendous value to your product, project, company or idea and all of the images are readily available for your licensing requirements and use. However, without exception, all of my artwork and all images of my artwork contained within this Site and the many other websites are the property of R Young Art as defined within the Terms and conditions and Legal information pages. They are protected by International copyright law and may not be downloaded, distributed, modified, transmitted, reused, re-posted, or used in any way, for public or commercial purposes, without R Young Art’s express prior written permission.

How to obtain Image Use and Commercial Licensing permission:

Commercial use:

Commercial use is any use whatsoever that generates income. This may be goods, such as apparel, prints, posters, books, calendars, giftware, packaging, illustration, logos, post / greeting cards, mugs, mouse pads, stationery, signs, calendars and other such applications. Also it may be advertisements and publications for promotion or sales purposes such as magazines, newspapers, commercial TV, billboard, posters, flyers, campaigns, presentations, displays, exhibits, editorials, business cards and other such applications.
If you would like to use an image of my artwork as a part of any such commercial use, you will need to pay an art licensing or image use fee in addition to signing a licensing agreement. Royalties may also apply depending on the project.
Additionally, non-profit organizations such as charities and those representing humanitarian or environmental causes may be eligible for a special rate.

Personal or non-commercial use:

Personal or non-commercial use is any use whatsoever that does not generate income such as personal websites, blogs, forums, news, educational, research, decoration and other such applications.
If you are an individual or non-profit organization who wishes to use an image of my artwork for any such personal or non-commercial use, you will generally not need to pay an art licensing or image use fee, or sign a licensing agreement, however you still need to obtain R Young Art’s express prior written permission.
How to request permission:
If you wish to use an R Young Art image as described above or otherwise, please contact me with the following information:
1. Type of use
2. Image name or description
3. Whether the image will be cropped, modified or used in conjunction with any other image in any way
4. Product or use name or description that it will feature on
5. Quantity of products or uses
6. Duration of use
7. Location and distribution of use
8. Whether any exclusivity is necessary or required
9. Whether any samples will be provided
10. In what way R Young Art will be credited, linked or mentioned in the use

Reporting possible unjust use:

If you come across an individual or company who you feel may have used an image of my artwork in a questionable way or without obtaining my permission, please contact me immediately in the interests of supporting ethical business practices.

Licensing Companies and Agents:

I am also interested in being represented by a specialist licensing company or agent for the above services. Please CONTACT me if you are such an entity, or if you know of one who may be interested.

My FACEBOOK PAGE contains some images of my artwork being used.