Leap Into the Unknown – Fine Art Figurative Oil Painting

There’s a very high level of fine detail in this carefully composed, award winning, contemporary but photo-realistic painting. The modern dance ballerina model is simply beautiful. It’s a simple yet romantic and slightly sensual composition, full of hidden meaning, passion, drama and emotion. She’s oblivious to the viewer and taking a Leap Into the Unknown, as we all have done or must do at some time! The 91cm x 61cm original was produced in collaboration with Yohanes Paganda Halasan Harahap. created entirely using a knife, as is my style and has now sold, though prints are available… Take a print of Leap Into the Unknown – Fine Art Figurative Oil Painting home today! Purchase a print here. THE perfect Xmas present for someone extra special.

Take a Leap Into the Unknown
A Leap in the Dark
A Leap of Faith
Be Brave
Do something without having previous experience or knowledge.
A prudent person wouldn’t, but we’re not prudent people are we!!!
I take Leaps into the Unknown on a weekly basis!


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Berkshire based professional artist creating deeply passionate fine art in a contemporary realism style. I also undertake scanning and printing services, public and corporate art events, private coaching and commissions. Representation opportunities welcomed.

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  1. Hi, I love this pic and would love to use it on one of my insta posts- crediting you of course. Just checking if that’s ok?

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