Here’s the 9th and last painting in the series Romantic Pursuits – Lady In Waiting.
She’s created on a 91cm x 61cm stretched cotton canvas using a knife, as is my trademark technique, in two layers to allow the sweeping knife strokes of the black background to influence the foreground subject knife strokes in a contemporary realism. The chiaroscuro technique, minimalist background and lighting adds to the atmosphere without distracting from the subject. The lady is simply beautiful and elegant. It’s a superb composition, full of passion, drama and emotion. She’s so confident, relaxed and yet alluring in her poise. Why is she there? Who is she waiting for? That would be telling…
I hope you like it? absolutely love it and the image doesn’t do the original justice!

The original is available here: Lady in Waiting

Or a print may be purchased here: Lady in Waiting

All delivered free – Worldwide…

  • Lady in Waiting
  • Lady in Waiting unveiling my the Mayor of Wokingham
  • Lady in Waiting unveiling my the Mayor of Wokingham

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Berkshire based professional artist creating deeply passionate fine art in a contemporary realism style. I also undertake scanning and printing services, public and corporate art events, private coaching and commissions. Representation opportunities welcomed.

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