This gallery contains images of all of my wildlife artwork.

Originals that are still available can be purchased in my shop here: Wildlife

All of my artwork is available in my shop in the following formats:

  • Equestrian-Fine-Art-Series. Arabian Folly - Arabian horses
  • Available Original Art - Wildlife. Arabian Knights - Arabian horses
  • Wildlife Fine Art Gallery. Barn Owl. A raptor pastel produced in cooperation with Miguel Lasa.
  • Born Free - Arabian horses
  • Break Free - Arabian Horse
  • Equestrian-Fine-Art-Series. Free Spirits - Arabian horses. Fine art original oil painting on a 61cm x 76cm stretched canvas created in 2020 using a knife. Original available unframed as the sides of the stretched canvas are painted = £800
  • Frisky Arabian. An Arabian bottle nosed horse equestrian oil painting.
  • Majestic
  • Wildlife Fine Art Gallery. Available original fine art. The Hunter - Peregrine Falcon. Fine art original raptor oil painting on a 51cm x 41cm canvas created in 2005 using a knife. Original available. Framed = £330
  • Wildlife Fine Art Gallery. Wild Arabians. Bottle nosed Arabian horses equestrian oil painting.