Art Practice Coaching Call for Artists

Do you want to get extra one on one help with your art practice from an experienced Artist?

If so, then this art practice coaching call is perfect for you!

A one on one live video call to help you with all aspects of your art practice and how to improve it

The call will be done live with Skype or Teams, etc. so that I can answer all of your questions and advise you how to improve all aspects of, and earn more money from, your art practice. I can share my computer screen to show you how I operate and you can do the same if you wish, so that I can help and advise you. This is fantastic for visual learners!

The coaching call will be geared to whatever you need the most help with and I will gather your top 5 to 10 questions beforehand so that the call can be as efficient and effective as possible. My main goal is to help you to make improvements and developments to your art practice so that you can improve the quality of your artwork, website, products, services, communications, customer interactions, online presence, revenue, margins and operations as a whole.

Please also read the Frequently Asked Questions below to get a good understanding as to what I can help with.

I am a professional Artist since 2003 and have learned how to operate all aspects of a successful art practice, earning a very good income from it. I have over 30 years of professional coaching and consultancy services experience, my art revenue is well into £ six figures, I’ve sold my individual originals for £ five figures, several 1,000 prints and I’d love to help you do the same!

Note that I offer exactly the same service on FIVERR at a similar price, though you would have to pay a commission fee so my preference would be to serve you directly. However, I am happy either way.

Artist’s Art Practice Coaching Call. Duration:

Call to be conducted:

Provision of a written one page report of my advice afterwards:


Please also provide the following information so that I can prepare beforehand:


Please also read the following Frequently Asked Questions related to the support I am able to provide:


  1. Can you advise me how to go about scanning or photographing my artwork?
    Yes, I scan all my own artwork and that of several other artists at very high resolution. I can also advise you how to take the best quality photographs of your artwork. Having high quality & resolution images of your artwork is an essential prerequisite to earning from publishing and licensing.
  2. Can you advise me how to go about editing and securely storing the images of my artwork?
    Yes, after I scan each painting, I edit the image to ensure perfect quality before creating image files in several sizes and formats for each application. I then securely store all images for decades of use.
  3. Can you advise me how to go about self-publishing and producing my own prints of my artwork?
    Yes, I self-publish open edition, hand embellished ltd edition and ltd edition resin coated gicleé prints of my own artwork at an extremely high resolution from A4 size up to 44” wide x 12’ long. I also produce prints for several other artists.
  4. Can you advise me how to go about selling and marketing my originals and prints?
    Yes, I sell my own originals and prints via my website, high street galleries and numerous online outlets.
  5. Can you advise me how to go about selling licenses for images of my artwork?
    Yes, I sell my artwork via numerous print on demand websites that license my high resolution artwork images for reproduction on prints, apparel, home décor and many products. This is passive income and feels so good to receive each month.
  6. Can you advise me how to go about selling and marketing the images of my artwork?
    Yes, once you have high quality images of your artwork, they need to be used to generate publicity and income.
  7. Can you advise me how to go about exhibiting my artwork and participating in art fairs?
    Yes, I have exhibited and participated in art fairs extensively throughout the UK and internationally. I can advise on venues, layout planning, framing, packing, transportation, insurance, hanging, marketing, publicity, payment processing, etc…
  8. Can you advise me how to go about obtaining and dealing with publisher representation for my artwork?
    Yes, I am represented by several UK and international publishers for ltd and open edition prints of my artwork. Again, this is passive income and feels so good to receive each quarter.
  9. Can you advise me how to go about obtaining and dealing with gallery representation for my artwork?
    Yes, I am represented by several high street and numerous online (virtual) galleries for originals and prints.
  10. Can you advise me how to go about conducting art events and classes?
    Yes, I conduct art event painting sessions for the public and corporate clients. They are fun, engaging, challenging and very fulfilling.
  11. Can you teach me how to create artwork, or can you critique my artwork?
    Not under this coaching call. I focus on solving problems with, improving and developing your art practice and not your artwork. I can however advise with quality issues, point you in a direction regarding creativity and advise how to self-critique your artwork.
  12. Can you review my website and advise me how to improve it? Or can you teach me how to create a website?
    Yes, I can advise regarding content, layout, presentation and SEO, etc. However, I cannot teach you how to create a website, or advise regarding specific application problems. I created and maintain my own website using WordPress, though I am not so familiar with all applications.
  13. Can you advise me regarding copyright issues?
    Yes, I routinely check for copyright infringement of my artwork and take appropriate action against anyone who copies my artwork or uses images for commercial benefit.

And feel free to CONTACT me if you are unsure as to whether I am able to help.